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6 Mji Plan Camatte

Complete restoration

  • Complete stripping Hull

  • Replacement of the vault extension and apostles

  • Replacement of all the veranda of the arch extension

  • Resumption of all the feet of the ribs of the arch extension

  • New vault planking manufacturing

  • Complete repair of the Safran

  • Resumption of the hull plating at the level of the chain plates

  • Flippotage of the entire freeboard

  • Shaping of a gouge parallel to the Livet

  • Cleaning and resumption of all edging seams

  • Keel / ballast connection

  • Complete smoothing of the hull

  • Complete hull painting

  • Vernissage of all new vault structure parts

  • Painting of the entire vault planking

  • Complete Carina Treatment

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