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15 SNS Z90 Copponex

Complete restoration

  • Complete stripping of the hull and interior

  • Replacement of the keel

  • Return the boat to this original size and shape

  • Manufacturing of a new curved transom

  • Replacement of all verandas

  • Partial replacement of Serre-Bauquières

  • Resumption of part of the bent members

  • Replacement of 70% of the planking

  • Full freeboard float

  • Resumption of deadwood

  • Complete ballast treatment

  • Shaping of a gouge parallel to the Livet

  • Complete hull painting

  • Complete deck painting with new design and non-slip

  • Complete varnishing of the interior of the boat

  • Resumption of the rigging and deck fittings

  • Complete Carina Treatment

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